Defense through expertise

Our experts mesh closely with your business to truly understand where cyber security can play a distinctive role in protecting both brand and financial value. We achieve this by bringing together consultancy, research, and proprietary technology.

What we do?


Our team of expert cyber security consultants work in two separate phases. Firstly, assessing your IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities which can be mapped to your business objectives. Secondly, building bespoke protection strategies and monitoring their ongoing performance.


Our team of researchers is dedicated to finding not only the latest known threats, but also predicting unknown and zero-day attacks that are yet to emerge. Threat intelligence powers everything we do and means our consultant’s assessments and recommendations are based on the current threats, not yesterday’s.


Taking the data from our research and analysis, we fine-tune a portfolio of proven proprietary anti-exploitation technologies. The technology selected uses best-of-breed solutions to give you peace of mind.

Industry Specific

Your solution

We understand your business and work intelligently to identify the threats specific to your organization. We understand your sector and the specific threats you face. Bringing these two facets together is our unrivaled expertise, research and proprietary product set.

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