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Our consultants have years of expertise across a range of sectors. We’ll match you with the best consultant for the job, one that understands your industry, how it operates and can get to work on assessing your security needs quickly to make the best solution recommendations.


69% of all Americans shop online, this means nearly 225m people are sharing highly sensitive bank details with retailers. Hackers target this risk point ruthlessly and eCommerce providers who fail to protect their environments face big financial and reputational damages.

Our services for eCommerce providers include:

  • Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing to identify any areas of concern
  • Infrastructure and payments architecture security review
  • Bespoke web application security review, including source code review


The majority of retail and business banking now takes place through a desktop or mobile. The connected presences banks use to facilitate this are at risk from attack and fraud losses are rising as a result. We identify vulnerabilities and configuration errors within applications, databases, network, and operating systems to reduce this risk.

We can help with:

  • Penetration testing for both technical and human vulnerabilities
  • Black, white and grey-box web application security testing for online banking systems
  • ATM security assessments, analyzing system components, testing network communications and protocols, and vulnerability scanning


Financial services organizations operate within a complex regulatory environment and need to be nimble to maintain a competitive advantage. On top of this, they are a prime target for attackers looking to access core banking systems and vast databases of valuable information. Organizations operating within the financial space need to take a proactive approach to their security, ensuring there are no gaps to crawl through.

Our services in this space include:

  • Penetration testing
  • Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDL) consulting
  • Blockchain security testing


Telecoms has radically changed in the last 30 years, but security of the underlying infrastructure has not. Based on insecure signaling protocols, such as SS7 and Diameter, fundamental flaws are putting mobile operators and customers at significant risk from hackers who can access user information, intercept calls and text messages, and track locations. We can help change that.

Our services include:

  • In-depth security assessments across core network layers to identify every possible entry point
  • Architecture analysis, fuzz testing, and reverse engineering
  • Audits of GPRS, IP, and packet core domains and GTP testing

Industrial solutions

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) were not originally designed to be connected to the internet and are notoriously vulnerable, and so increasingly popular targets. Stuxnet, Shamoon, Dragonfly, and Flame are just some examples. We help proactively identify vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors, assess and prioritize threats, and remediate weaknesses to keep CNI available.

We provide:

  • Vulnerability assessment of PLC, SCADA, MES, and ERP systems
  • ICS security audits and compliance checks
  • Threat intelligence monitoring, including zero-day vulnerability alerts, anomaly detection, and remediation tactics


The automotive industry is changing at rapid speed. Vehicles now include a variety of connected elements and the consequences of attacks on cars or lorries could be devastating. Aside from the vehicles themselves, manufacturing supply chains are becoming more complex, with more internet-enabled components. Securing this infrastructure is essential to keep the manufacturing process operating efficiently and to protect IP.

Services we offer include:

  • Software and hardware reverse engineering to find and eliminate vulnerabilities
  • Automated and manual penetration testing
  • Automotive security audits and compliance checks


The healthcare industry holds a vast amount of hugely sensitive data that could put patient safety and confidentiality at risk should it get into the wrong hands. As healthcare providers work to digitize more services and transform the way healthcare is delivered, they have a responsibility to protect patient information, while complying with HIPPA regulations.

We can help through:

  • Bespoke penetration tests
  • Black / White / Grey box testing of web applications, whether custom or off-the-shelf
  • Compliance consultancy
  • Red Teaming scenarios to test how prepared the organization is in the event of a cyber attack

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