What we do?

We bring together research and consulting with a world leading set of purpose built proprietary technologies for organizations looking to improve cyber security. Our world-class consultants work with you to determine where risks lie and what the best solutions are. We are not just security experts; we speak the language of senior management teams. Once we’re done with our analysis, we’ll provide you reports and recommendations all in an easy to understand and digest way.

Penetration testing

Our cyber security experts simulate attacks, running scenarios designed to bypass the protection you have in place and break into company networks. We want to find hidden flaws so we can evaluate the impact if real hackers find them.

To truly act like external attackers, we combine external and internal, technical and socio-technical penetration tests with a deep understanding of modern attacks to map the many different gaps in your attack surface.

Web application assessment

Research suggests that there are security flaws in the majority of web applications used in the enterprise. Whether custom-made or bought out-of-the-box, vulnerabilities will be present in tools used across your organization. Some are minor, others are critical, but you will not know until it is too late.

Red Teaming

What would you do in the event of a security incident? Is your team prepared? This is where we find out.

Our Red Team assessments provide security teams with real-life experience of dealing with a cyber incident, without any risk. We’ll work with you to determine the scenario (i.e. a ransomware attack or APT scenario) and the objectives (i.e. incident response capabilities) and set about simulating the breach. We behave as real hackers would and execute every stage of an attack’s lifecycle to test a range of capabilities - from identification to remediation or forensic analysis - allowing your organization to pinpoint its strengths and weaknesses. We will also analyze your internal processes and team response to the attack simulation.

Security assessment

Reverse Engineering

If your externally visible software isn’t secure, your customers are at risk - and so are you. We help find these weaknesses before the attacker does, pulling apart the component parts of the software running in your infrastructure, analyzing each element and determining where vulnerabilities lie, even in situations where no source code is available.

Source Code Analysis

Whether you develop custom applications in-house or bring them in from specialist vendors, security is often an afterthought in development. This leaves your apps highly vulnerable to exploitation. When these apps are used for business critical processes and house sensitive information, you are leaving your organization open to exposure.

We provide an independent expert analysis of your source code to measure your risk exposure to known attack methods. Our extensive process combines intensive manual testing with automated checks to enhance the overall quality of analysis.

Hardware Reverse Engineering and Security Audit

Hardware is increasingly being connected to the internet. Whether Internet of Things (IoT) products or Point of Sale (PoS) devices, any connected device is now a risk. It could be hardware within your organization, like your printer, or hardware you are selling to customers. Either way, it needs to be tested.

Our team of specialists will employ a number of different methods to analyze hardware security, such as reverse engineering. We’ll pull apart the device, separating each element so it can be tested as both an individual component and also observing how it interacts with other elements to determine overall security.

Attack Prevention

Ultimately, what we do is dedicated to preventing the attacks which damage your company brand and financial reputation. This is why we take a holistic view of your organization’s technology strategy, considering your entire attack surface and identifying where potential vulnerabilities lie. Such a broad perspective means we also have a range of countermeasures at our disposal, everything from WAF, SIEM or IDS, as well as solutions for securing the DevOps process.

Each technology is tailored specific to its deployment within your company and sector. Even then, we don’t sit still. Constantly monitoring your sector and specific organization allows us to augment the countermeasures running to ensure they are operating as effectively as possible. We do this 24/7 using a purpose-built SOC which allows us to remain at the forefront of your defensive posture. This gives us full visibility in real time of threats impacting your company, allowing us to actively manage your attack surface. This can be customized to match threats specific to a company.

Incident response

In today’s cyber security landscape, it is not uncommon to get attacked or even breached. This is why organizations nowadays need to be prepared with a solid incident response plan – ensuring your key people are armed with the procedural and technical steps for a variety of situations. Our experts help organizations map this out, with the aim of ensuring they are best prepared for all possible outcomes.


The inevitability of a breach also requires companies be able to access flexible forensic investigation resource. Positive works closely to help organizations ascertain the root causes and points of origination of any breach to assist investigations, as well as helping future proof against future attacks.

24/7 support

Our security operation centers monitor your infrastructure 24/7. We do not leave you as the door closes behind us. We can provide forensic investigation services should something go wrong and incident response to resolve any damage.